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The following are a selection of reviews from chamber music concerts given by Radius.

Details about the concerts reviewed below can be found here

Radius / Purcell Room, October 2009 - Classical Music magazine

“...verve and ear-catching musicianship”

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Radius / Purcell Room, October 2009 - Musical Opinion

“...breathtaking clarity”

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Radius at Wigmore Hall, June 2009 - Musical Criticism

“The performance engaged throughout”

“A strong end to an eclectic and often captivating concert”

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Radius in Seen And Heard / Music Web International, May 2008

“A memorable performance, which appealed musically, dramatically and intellectually”

“An outstanding concert”

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Radius in the Gazette and Herald, 24th June 2008

“Brilliant musicality, an immense display of technical prowess”

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The Guardian, September 2007

“Corley's story is one that needs to be told, and it is told using music that needs to be listened to. If you're in London, if you're listening, go.”

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Classical Music, December 2007

“The performance by the young contemporary music ensemble Radius
was exceptionally assured”

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SPNM New Notes, May 2007

“An enviable assortment of gifted young players ...
this concert was brilliantly executed and conceived.”

“The superbly individual performance of Benjamin's piano prelude by Berenika ... thundering and taut playing threatened a virtuosic violence.”

“Benjamin's quirky series of bagatelles ... this judicious musical künstlerroman brought a welcome levity ... certainly something to smile about”

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Radius in The Cherwell, May 2007

“Radius are the sum of a remarkable group of parts
and demand to be listened to and engaged with”

“Cellist Oliver Coates' percussive, athletic bowing displays wonderful dexterity ... an overwhelming and sensuous experience”

“Benjamin's Five Bagatelles was most successful in embracing the 'New' ...
a piece which continually eluded expectation”

“Radius neither attempt to associate themselves with trendy electronic fusion movements nor pander to the proles by sandwiching Mozart with Modern”

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Radius in The Oxford Student, May 2007

“Delicate moments juxtaposed with some explosively extrovert performances”

“Very impressive performance ... brain-child of composer Tim Benjamin ... delivered fluently and never allowed to lose the mesmerising quality”

“Benjamin weaves engagingly pithy textures ... dramatic performances ... genuinely exciting”

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Radius in Seen And Heard / Music Web International, January 2008

“This was virtuosity in the extreme - and he made it seem easy”

“This was an excellent concert ... there was some first-rate playing”

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Radius in The Guardian, January 2008

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Radius in The Rambler, January 2008

“It is a pleasure to hear an ensemble of Radius's quality testing the Wigmore's acoustic”

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